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Brief History of Word of Life - Belém

The ministry of Word of Life in Belém was inaugurated in February of 1992 due to the work of missionaries, Richard and Harriet Parker. The burning desire of this couple was to prepare the youth of Brazil to reach the river communities with the Gospel of Christ. Since then, the ministry has served the communities and churches of this area in seven areas.


1. Word of Life Missionary
Training Institute

“IMPV” started in 1992 with eight students. We offer a one year course in Basic Leadership and a four year degree in Missions. Our students are trained in three areas: Christian Character, Academics and Ministry. Aside from the classes of Bible and Theology, they are trained in technical courses such as basic medicine, agriculture, construction, and teaching literacy. This training makes them able to provide for the spiritual, material and social needs of river communities. We also offer modular training for leaders already in the ministry.


2. Public School Bible Ministry
Word of Life also began a ministry of teaching the Bible in public schools in the year of 1992. We started giving classes in three schools with eight volunteers. These classes were so well received by the children, teachers and the directors of these schools, that others soon began to ask for Bible teachers in their schools as well. Each year we have grown in the number of schools where we are able to minister.

3. Word of Life Camp
In 1994 we had our first camping season for children and young people with 80 campers. During a week of camp, the campers have opportunities to learn the Word of God, make new friends and have a great time with the various activities and sports we offer.Our camps have led many children and teens to learn more about the Word of God , many have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and many others have dedicated their lives to God for missions.

4. Boat Ministry
The ministry of evangelization amongst in the river people of the Amazon Region started in 1995 with the purchase of our first boat: Harriet. Richard Parker, with his team of workers started with a ministry of visitation, teaching the Bible and distributing food and medicine. Today, besides the large number of communities that we are assisting in that region, we are also visiting and evangelizing river communities in the Belém area and supporting a similar ministry on the Tapajós River. With the beginning of the Mission SEARA, our work to evangelize will be reaching new areas and adding to the development of the ministries already in place.


5. Word of Life Events
Aside from these ministries, we also run special evangelistic events like: Children’s Day, Sports Marathons, The National Day of Evangelism, etc. We make our campus available to area churches for retreats and special events. We have also been involved in the community of Benevides, offering special courses on AIDS, drugs and health. We’ve served on the Community Health Counsel and the Town Counsel for the protection of adolescents and children.


6. Word of Life Christian School
Word of Life Christian School was founded in November of 1998 with our first school year in 1999. We started with 35 students from preschool to first grade. The purpose of the school is to “ Provide a Christian education with academics of a high quality for the children and youth of the community and the missionary children of Word of Life.

7. Word of Life Bible Clubs
The ministry of Word of Life Bible Clubs in local churches began in 2002 with three churches in Belém. This ministry aims to train the leaders of the local church, provide a dynamic youth and tools for discipleship to be used within the context of the local church.


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